Dear friends,

We announce that the registration period is open for the online course Cartography of Consciousness.

This module of Pneuma Transpersonal Training will lead you to the fascinating and revealing comparative study of ancient philosophies, where you will discover: 

·      The keys that each one of them left as a guide to go through the inner processes and lead to higher levels of consciousness and plenitude.

·      The meaning of archetypes, myths and symbols in different traditions and how to develop all their transformative potential.

·      A spiritual vision of sexuality.

·      The great healing power of Amplified States of Consciousness, which you will be able to experience through Pneuma Breathwork. *


These are the key concepts we will be studying:  

·      The inner process and self-realization in different traditions.

·      The Creative energy and sacred sexuality.

·      Hinduism, first heirs of knowledge: The Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita

·      Egypt and the key to the mystery cults.

·      Greece, and the mystical philosophers.

·      Judaism, from the macrocosm to the microcosm: Kabbalah

·      Christianity: Gnostic and Apocryphal Gospels.

·      Buddhism, between the world and nirvana: The Sutras.

·      Islam and Sufism, in search of the Beloved: The Koran

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You can take this course for your own Personal Development, or as part of Pneuma Transpersonal Training.

* You will be able to experience Pneuma Breathwork on site at the closest Pneuma Institute to your city.