This is the culmination of a whole process of learning, researching and experiencing carried out by the student. In this module the student will have the opportunity to ask questions related to their doubts and show how they have integrated their experiences and their competences as a Pneuma Breathwork facilitator. They will also have the chance to share their own voyage of self-knowledge and learn the necessary strategies to guide others through sessions in amplified states of consciousness by means of Pneuma Breathwork.

Pneuma Transpersonal Training constitutes an innovative proposal in the context of both personal growth and transpersonal psychology. The methodology suggested by Pneuma highlights the recovery of a state of unity -or unification- of the different parts of the human being that were severed. This defines the passage from pathology to health and integral wellbeing. 

This is possible if we go through a process in which the  conscious, voluntary breathing of Pneuma - the vital breath or spirit - activates a person's essential reality so that, from this perspective, they can acknowledge, observe and understand the factors in the mind, emotions and actions that lead to suffering and loss of balance.

Pneuma's transpersonal experience becomes integrated by following the reference framework given by the contribution of perennial philosophy and ancient mythology, and by the ancestral practices that allow us to transcend the ego and integrate the Inner Being.

All this makes Pneuma Therapy a therapeutical process that eases the development of the broadest potential of the human being beyond the field of therapy, towards the realm of self-realization, illumination or individuation.

In this module you will:

  • Know a new paradigm of transpersonal psychology, whose aim is the self-realization of the human being. 

  • Analyze the causes of suffering from the perspective of transpersonal experiences. 

  • Broaden your vision of sexuality and its transcendental experience. 

  • Know transpersonal practices for your daily life that can also be applied to psychotherapy.

  • Learn all that is necessary to lead a Pneuma Breathwork session.

  • Learn how to accompany others in their transpersonal experiences for the correct integration in daily life. 

  • Participate in two Pneuma Breathwork sessions, the experience of Divinity. 

Aimed at:

  • Pneuma Transpersonal Training students that have completed the mandatory modules and wish to obtain the certification for their professional practice.  
  • Any Pneuma TT Student that wishes to deepen their understanding of inner processes and advance in their personal development.

  • Any person willing to devote some time to their own healing and inner work in a natural environment, supported by a like-minded community with the same aims and objectives. 


  • Basic premises of Pneuma psychology: the essential nature of the human being. Consciousness and the ego. The process towards self-realization beyond the healing of symptoms. 

  • Etiology of psychopathology: understanding, analysis, transcendence and healing. 

  • The Pneuma Therapy session: duration, development and essential principles. 
  • The Pneuma Breathwork session: 

  •   Origin

  •   Key specific elements of Pneuma Breathwork

  •   Applications and contraindications
  •   Preparation for the session.

  •   The Pneuma Breathwork facilitator during the session: what you should and shouldn't do. 

  • Other Pneuma transpersonal practices that can applied to therapy:

  •   Self-observation or full attention. 

  •   Meditation 

Please Note: This module per se does not qualify or authorize you to be a Pneuma Breathwork facilitator. It is necessary to complete the whole training. The certification diploma will be handed to you upon completion of the training. 

 For further information and registrations: shasta@pneumainstitute.org