“Tranquility in your heart, peace in your mind, Love in everything. (Evoke it, always)."
Golden Eagle


Peace, harmony and balance are necessary values in today's world. We can see this in all aspects of reality. For this reason it is necessary to join forces so that we can foster peaceful coexistence, open dialogue and the acceptance of diversity, cultures and languages.

Pneuma Institute would like to promote October 27th as the International Day of Inner Peace. We are aware of the fact that the external is simply a reflection of our own inner reality. For this reason, we have decided to take responsibility for everything that happens in our world.

The most ancient spiritual traditions and philosophies have a message that always points to the same direction: only with calm, inner serenity and by eliminating the existing conflicts in our psyche will we be able to disseminate the state of deep, vivid peace that we dream about for our world.

Inner peace is built when the conflicts in our inter personal relationships are eliminated. For this we need a profound change that can awaken the essential and universal values in every human being that can lead to global, radical transformation. Our aspiration is for October 27th to be a reminder that Peace is possible and it is within our reach if we make the daily commitment of calming our minds, emotions, words and gestures.

Pneuma Institute has been promoting October 27th as The World Day of Inner Peace for 30 years. Our hope and intention is to disseminate a true culture of peace based on the teachings about Love. Thus, we will all be able to reach a happy, balanced inner state based on deep peace. Only in this way will we be able to build the world and life we dream of, and reach plenitude.

Apart from the activities that will be carried out on this day, we will also raise funds that for the solidarity projects that we carry on. If you are interested in knowing more about these projects, please contact us (global@pneumainstitute.org).

While participating in the day’s activities is wonderful, this is not the most important aspect. We are making a sincere invitation for all of us to become involved in a process of radical transformation and this entails a deep revolution of our consciousness, the Revolution of Peace.

The Revolution of Peace

Everyone is yearning for the healing of the world and the society we live in. Serenity and harmony are goals we all pursue but as they do not last, we seldom achieve them. However, it is possible to live in a state of profound serenity and harmony in which conflicts can be replaced by values such as understanding, respect and love: this is precisely what we call peace.

World peace and inner peace are inseparable by definition and within everybody's reach if we take full responsibility for the choices we make and commit daily to our own personal transformation. This is the only possible -and necessary- way for the Revolution of Peace. It is a deeply sacred act that will become materialized whenever we accept that the only real nature of everything is Love, which is always waiting to flourish in the heart of every human being in its different forms: inner peace, happiness, harmony, joy and beauty.

Since we were born we have carried inside of us what we could call spiritual instinct. This instinct always guides our feelings, choices and actions towards the Good. Socrates very rightly said that no-one knowingly does evil. This teaching is also showing us how our happiness is fundamentally based on doing Good. So, what happens when the human being does evil? What is the origin of wars, terrorism, drug trafficking and corruption? Where do they stem from?

As regards the present moment, the Vedic sages said, 'As Good gradually peters out and becomes extinguished, it is replaced by pride and evil. My spirit manifests itself in human form on Earth.'

This verse talks not only about evil but also about Spirit, the energy of Love that is trying to redeem and awaken man from his millenary sleep. Why is it that there is so much confusion?

We should find inspiration both outside and within ourselves in order to find the key to our awakening.

If, on the one hand we accept the affirmation by Socrates, according to which no one does evil voluntarily, but on the other hand we look at the terrible scene before us, the only logical conclusion is that humanity is in a very deep state of unconsciousness, for various reasons: ignorance, passion, attachment, fear and rage. All of this, disguised as reason, dehumanizes people, worsens the amnesia of eternal values and causes all these disastrous consequences to increase.

Aristotle used to say, 'Men always start philosophising, moved by admiration.' Love for wisdom that comes from both admiration and what is wondrous does not seem to exist any more. This means that we have to acquire again the healthy habit of self-questioning in order to recover the yearning to once again be what we truly are.

All these aspects that we have defined as the causes of man's unconsciousness, paralyze him and lead him to think, say and do what he does not want to. It is urgent to develop an educational and pedagogic system able to support our maturity process in an authentic way, so that we can be led towards the full manifestation of our potential.

In the bosom of the great ancient spiritual traditions there exists a whole lucid cartography of the human consciousness that has been passed down throughout centuries in initiatic schools. Their teachings and maps, as valuable as effective, have reached us and are ready to be de-codified.

Pneuma compiles and synthesizes the legacy of these traditions to offer you a corpus of effective theoretical-practical teachings that will give you the keys to achieve your own personal transformation and Inner Peace. In this way you will become and agent of change, a messenger of Peace.