We invite you to this new course of personal transformation in the sacred places of Peru. Ten intense days of psychological and spiritual work to restart your life from Love.

In this unique course you will go through the map of your whole life; from birth, to death and rebirth.

The energy of the various places of power along with the practices carried out will make it possible to pass symbolically through the main stages of your life, to rewrite old scenarios with a new vision, establish the events you want for your future and live a new life from the awareness.



17:00 Welcome and presentation of the Course.
Hotel Cusco

12:00 Sacsayhuaman: Birth and childhood. Initiation of Earth and Moon.
Offering to Mother Earth with priests of the Great Qero Nation.
Hotel Cusco

10:00 Temple of the Moon: Study and Youth. Initiation of Mercury.
Hotel Cusco

10:00  Sajra Chacan River: Sacred Matrimony and Sexuality. Initiation of Venus.
Hotel Cusco 

09:00 Temple of the Sun in Cusco. (optional)
12:00 Pneuma Breath work.
Hotel Cusco

09:00 Sacred Valley, Pisac: Paternity. Initiation of the Sun
Hotel Valle 

09:00 Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo: Priests. Initiation of Mars.
Afternoon - trip to Machu Picchu.
Hotel Agua Caliente

07:00 Machu Picchu: King and Queen. Initiation of the Jupiter.
Afternoon - return to the Sacred Valley.
Hotel Valle

10:00 Mystical death. Saturn initiation.
12:00 Pneuma breath work.
Hotel Valle

10:00 Rebirth in new life.
Healing offering with Q'ero priests.
Return to Cusco.
Hotel Cusco

It will be offered by Juan Ruiz Naupari.
With priests and priestesses of the Grand Qero Nation as special guests.

It will be held mainly in the places of power and sacred spaces that we will visit: Cusco, Qenco, Sacsayhuaman, temple of the Moon, Sajrachacan, Pisac and Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu. Experiencing all their energy still active through rituals and meditative practices and deepening in its transpersonal and spiritual symbolism through the teachings. 



The course begins August 23 at 6 pm and ends on September 1st after breakfast.

Because it will be held in high season and to maintain the conditions of quality and organization of the trip, we need to make all reservations before May 1. To insure your participation, please register before April 30th.

The course includes:

● Teachings and practices with all the initiations and two sessions of Pneuma breath work. Entrance tickets to the programmed sacred places and specialized guides.
● Hotels with breakfast. There are two options to choose from: inexpensive or luxury hotels.
● Transportation: Pick up from the airport and transfers by train and bus during to the scheduled visits.
Does not include:
Air transportation to Cuzco, medical insurances, hotel or transportation in Lima, meals not specified, tips, airport taxes, procedures or visas in Peru.
Group: minimum 25 people. *
Reservation: 700 $ or 500 €, preferably before May 1st. **
Full payment of the course: Before June 1st
* The organization is not responsible for cancellations or changes in plane tickets in the event of cancellation of the course.
** The reservation is not refundable in case of cancellation by the participant.


● Purchase airplane tickets with cancellation or date modification insurance (in case the course is canceled or if you need to change your round trip dates).
Buy individual health insurance for the trip.
● Hygienic conditions are good, vaccines are not necessary.
Beware of altitude sickness during the first days. We will be at 3,500 and 4,000 meters above sea level.
● Wear clothes for sunny mountain weather, mild by day and cold at night. Sunscreen lotion, sun glasses and hat are needed.
● It is useful to wear hiking shoes in the archaeological zones. No climbing or special equipment is necessary. There will be no long, difficult hikes.
● Bring with you; sleeping bag, white clothes and everything you need for initiations, meditations and breath work sessions. Each person is responsible for their own material that will be needed during the practices.