The ancestral traditions have proposed a map for personal development through which every human being can transcend suffering and reach states of peace, harmony and happiness. This module provides an understanding of these maps and the techniques that make it possible to recover the true nature of the human being, advance beyond the healing of physical or psychological symptoms and reach integral wellbeing or awakening. 

PNEUMA TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING was developed throughout 30 years of experience in Amplified States of Consciousness and now brings together the keys of today's transpersonal psychology and the essential teaching of traditions to offer the psycho-spiritual keys necessary for the human being to reach his fullest fulfillment.


November 18th 2019 to March 15th 2020

Live tutorial sessions


Pneuma Transpersonal Training offers you a magnificent opportunity to achieve real changes and reach the state of well-being and plenitude that you have been searching for such a long time. 

More info and registration: online@pneumainstitute.org


"Only the knowledge that makes us better is useful,

There is only one good, knowledge,

there is only one evil, ignorance."



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Pneuma Transpersonal Training
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