Dear friend,

We are presenting you a transformative, revolutionary training.

Dare to start a process of personal growth and development in order to discover and experience your true Essential Nature and dissolve the obstacles and limiting patterns in your mind and emotions, as they prevent you from achieving your plenitude.

In Inner Knowledge, you will:

o   Discover the human nature: body+soul+spirit in its energetic, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

o   Learn how to integrate the different parts in a healthy and balanced way.

o   Learn practices for introspection, self-knowledge, meditation and relaxation that you can do during your everyday life to keep your inner peace, happiness and both mental and bodily health.

o   Understand the origin of suffering, how to transcend it and free yourself from it.

o   Have access to profound, non-theoretical, and transformative experiences through the practice of Pneuma Breathwork - the experience of Divinity - to reach states of connection with your centre and to become integrated with your Inner Being.

o   Understand the difference between the ego and the Inner Being.

o   Discover the mental and emotional dynamics that block your development, enabling you to transform them and recover the control of your thoughts and emotions.

Take the first step in PNEUMA TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING to integrate the shamanic journey of transpersonal experience in your professional practice.

Relax your body, educate your mind, elevate your emotions and connect with your spirit…Prepare yourself for a journey towards higher levels of consciousness.


May 11th-24th
June 15th-28th
July 13th-26th
August 10th – 23th 

An online session with facilitators from the staff is included on the last Sunday after the study materials have been sent.

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Pneuma Transpersonal Training has been created after 30 years of experience and it gathers all today’s transpersonal psychology keys together with the essential teachings of ancient traditions to offer the necessary psycho-spiritual keys for the Human Being to reach his maximum plenitude.