Come, come, whoever you are!
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.
It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair!
Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times!
Come, yet again, come, come!
¡Ven, a pesar de todo, ven!



Dear friends,        

We invite you to experience a different kind of vacation, a vacation of consciousness, dance, singing and inner connection. For 8 days, we will create community to the rhythm of the heart, celebrating Life in all its manifestations.

We will hold morning practices to welcome the day. The rivers, mountains and forests will nourish the body, soul and spirit. The group will be in a space to meet and cultivate friendship through art and teachings. In the evenings we will share time for gratitude, to close the day from the Inner Being.

We offer a space to cultivate the virtues, full consciousness, kind words, the joy of being alive and the happiness of sharing personal and spiritual growth in daily life.

Juan Ruiz Naupari

During our Camp we will have scheduled times for Circles of Inspiration and Knowledge. These will be key moments where Juan will share the wisdom of Pneuma on diverse topics. We will also have sessions in Amplified States of Consciousness through the practice of Pneuma Breathwork.

There will be various activities for adults, youths and children from 5 years of age and up.

- Yoga and meditation
- Excursions in nature
- Kirtan
- Pneuma Dance
- Singing Workshop
- Dreamwork
- Dances of Peace
- Solar Art Festival

There will also be moments for relaxation and free time to rest.

Shamti Ruiz: Yoga and Pneuma Dance
Avasa and Matthew Love: Kirtan vocal workshops
Maite Pardo Sol: Dances of Peace, Dreamwork and Mandala Workshop
- Sara Onorati: Children’s activities


From July 19th to July 27th.

We will begin on the 19th at 5pm and finish on the 27th at 12pm.


There are several accommodation options you can choose from. Check prices to make your reservation.
- Bedrooms
- Cabins
- Apartments
- In your own camper or tent (no charge)

Meals and care of the camp:

Each participant will organize their own food. There are nearby places to shop and a space with  kitchenware to cook.

We also ask you to collaborate in the cleaning and tidying of the common spaces, as both internal and external care will help to create harmony within the community.

We will have two excursions to enjoy and nourish ourselves within the surrounding nature. Participants are kindly asked to share their cars.


The activities are free.
You only need to pay for your accommodation and $200 for materials and use of the space.

Information and Registration

Pneuma Retreat Center

Is an oasis of beauty close to Mount Shasta, California. Although it is isolated, nearby towns are easy to reach. The retreat centre is surrounded by a magnificent forest, mountains and a river to cool off in from the summer heat. There is a spa with a sauna for those who wish to enjoy a healing, restful experience.

Pneuma Summer Camp Travels: We have created a Facebook group so that you can organize your journey: https://www.facebook.com/groups/414747035735457/ 

Pneuma Institute International.