With Juan Ruiz Naupari 

November 2017 – March 2018


Our inner universe is infinite. It is possible to discover the mental and emotional mechanisms that keep us trapped in suffering, and liberate our consciousness to achieve inner peace and permanent, lasting happiness. This is what we all yearn for. 

Effective, theoretical, and practical tools from ancient traditions exist to support our process of self knowledge. They show us the way forward and provide an irreplaceable guide for the discovery of different levels of consciousness, and the multidimensionality of both our internal and external universes.

Pneuma Transpersonal Training offers a magnificent opportunity to make true internal changes, and to reach the state of wellbeing and lightness that we have always been searching for.

Take this opportunity to start or continue on this Path of Knowledge by participating in this online module given by Juan Ruiz Naupari. 


November 18th-26th

January 13th-21st

February 10th-18th

March 10th-18th

Online group sessions every Sunday.

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