The training will follow a theoretical-practical methodology, combining the experiential work done in the modules with amplifies states of consciousness with theoretical sessions in the classroom. This will provide a substantial knowledge about the discipline that will allow for the elaboration and integration of the different concepts and experiences.

Techniques that will be used throughout the training include: meditation practices, Pneuma Breathwork, self-observation and analysis, work with dreams and bodywork. The objective is that the student can apply the transpersonal approach to any personal or professional environment.

Throughout this practical and theoretical training, a continuous evaluation of the candidate will take place. The student will be assessed on their comprehension and coherence of the proposed concepts, as well as their psychological maturity (emotional and mental). This evaluation is very important and decisive in order to obtain the certification.

In the event that this assessment is negative, the student will be offered an additional individual program in order to advance in their development and acquisition of the necessary concepts and skills.