Five modules that include both theoretical contents and practices of Pneuma Breathwork, meditation, transpersonal analysis, relaxation, balance and energy management and other transpersonal and spiritual practices of self-knowledge and healing of the soul.


It is offered in two modes:


  • Face-to-face: Each module includes 4 Amplified States of Counciousness sessions through Pneuma Breathwork that are carried out throughout the development of the programmed course. 
  • Online: In this semipresencial modality, the theoretical-practical classes are carried out online. The 4 sessions of Pneuma Breathwork of each module are carried out in person with certified facilitators. 


 The modules can be done in the order that interests you. If you want to complete the professional training, also check the section: Other requirements.


Module 1: Inner Knowledge

Module 2: Transpersonal Universe

Module 3: Cartography of Consciousness

Module 4: Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork

Module 5: Certification