The following requirements are mandatory for students who are working towards the professional certificate. If you are taking the modules for personal development these requirements are optional:

  • Take part in 15 sessions of Pneuma Breathwork with certified facilitators, in addition to those that are included in the training modules.
  • Carry out at least 15 individual sessions of Pneuma Therapy with certified facilitators. It is advisable to have these sessions in parallel to the modules, approximately 3 sessions per module.
  • 1 hour music consultation to be done during the Certification module.
  • 50 hours of supervision by the end of the training, which include:
  • 38 hours of group supervision in order to conduct a review of clinical cases.
  • 16 hours participation as an assistant in Pneuma Breathwork sessions with certified facilitators and psychotherapists.
  • 6 hours of individual interviews in order to review the individual process as a therapist, and the relationship with your patients.