The Trainers, Analysts and Facilitators of Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork, conscious of the fact that we move within the world of Samsara, consider this Ethical Code a way of establishing correct relationships with all those who come to our workshops. For this reason we commit to:


  • Adhere to the rules established in this ethical code
  • Keep absolute confidentiality with regards students, patients and all people in general who participate in the training or in the workshops we impart.
  • Behave in an ethical way with the participants and students, interacting with them according to the premises of the inner work of Pneuma System.
  • We will pay special attention, in our role as facilitators, to the egoic dynamics of power, competitiveness, fame, money and sexual attraction, which can arise within our psyche on coming into contact with the groups.
  • Behave, where other facilitators and analysts are concerned, with a collaborative and mutually supportive attitude and never competitively.
  • Respect and maintain the established programs for each area, transmitting them in a correct and accurate way, thoroughly preparing ourselves by deepening in our study and inner work thus allowing us to integrate the experiences of Amplified States of Consciousness into our own lives.
  • Keep ourselves active and up to date with regards the training and methodology of the work of Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork – therefore we commit to attending an ‘update’ module (which can be chosen from among the compulsory and complementary modules) every three years.
  • Make responsible use of the names, logos and materials of the training, according to the data protection document that will be handed in once signed.