We offer a process of professional Transpersonal Training for those who wish to incorporate Pneuma Breathwork and Amplified States of Consciousness in their psychotherapeutic practice and to know the frame of reference and structure offered by transpersonal psychology for individual and group sessions.


Aimed especially at psychologists, psychopedagogists, psychiatrists, doctors, health and education professionals and related professions. The training is designed as a solid program that encompasses both conceptual and practical aspects, along with the direct experience of ASCs or Amplified States of Consciousness, also known as Transpersonal Experiences. It also constitutes a deep and practical training for people who wish to deepen their own psychological process of balance and integral spiritual well-being.

At the end of each module you will receive an attendance certificate from the Pneuma Institute.


At the end of the training, you will obtain the qualification:

  • PNEUMA THERAPIST. This certificate is issued by the Pneuma Institute and allows you to conduct group sessions of Pneuma Breathwork and individual consultations of transpersonal psychotherapy. Those wishing to present themselves professionally as therapists or psychotherapists must comply with the legal requirements of the country in which they wish to practice.
  • PNEUMA COUNSELOR This certificate is also issued by the Pneuma Institute and allows you to conduct group sessions of Pneuma Breathwork and individual sessions of counseling. For anyone who longs for their own personal development and wants to accompany others in their inner growth from a transpersonal perspective.


Two years minimum.

Pneuma Transpersonal Training is a formative process, one that implies deep individual inner work. The aim or objective is that the future Pneuma therapists or counsellors experiences for themselves the gradual process of self-knowledge, transformation and healing that they will then later apply in their consultations. For this reason, the minimum time required for training is two years.



The training is recognized by the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology. It is currently being offered in Romania, Bucharest and Timisoara, organized by the European and Romanian Associations of Transpersonal Psychology, and endorsed by the College of Psychologists of Bucharest. In Spain, Italy, Portugal and Mexico, it is offered to therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, educators, and the general public. Pneuma Institute is part of the International Breathwork Foundation.


What can you get from this training?

  • The frame of reference offered by Transpersonal Psychology to human development and psychotherapeautic practice: principal authors, schools and theories that propose different paradigms and the context for practical application.
  • A detailed and clear synthesis and map of the evolutionary potential of the human being based on a comparative study of the different ancient traditions and wisdom schools of the East and West, and their practical application to daily life and psychotherapy.
  • Undergoing a process of self-awareness and transformation, and experiencing for oneself the healing potential of Amplified States of Consciousness, resulting in the transcendence of symptoms, emotional and mental blockages, limiting beliefs and the possibility of eliminating the causes of suffering.
  • Experiential exercises with the practices that ancient traditions have proposed for the care of the mind, the emotions, our energy, and the whole of the transpersonal reality of the human being: breathing, meditation, music, tools of self-inquiry, etc.
  • Application of this theoretical and experiential knowledge both personally and professionally.