The Golden Eagle is the living archetype that represents the re-union of self-realized masters from the different traditions of the planet and also those who come from the stars.


The Golden Eagle is a Society of Light and Love.


The Golden Eagle is the solar fraternity that watches over humanity until it achieves it’s realization.


The Golden Eagle is the Great Warrior and Master of the knowledge of duality for the safe passage and liberation of souls.


His trajectory through existence has been a long one, longer than any other, because he has submerged himself in the two worlds and he knows the“opposite” clearly.


On his path toward freedom, he guides and teaches, with great clarity, the dynamic of the inner-outer universe and with great strength he bestows spiritual attributes upon those “Yearning for Spirit.”

He is the Lord of Hosts, the Great Warrior that compels the Spiritual Warriors onward in the labor toward awakening… the continual awakening.

He is our own potential, He is the result of what you are destined to Be… if you so choose.

Come and merge into his Sacred Heart which you yourself are, and recognize him, embrace him, love him, because he is part of you.

When you observe yourself, you observe him.
The Golden Eagle is he who reveals the Truth.

It is he that gives the freedom of Being.

He is the warrior who combats darkness.

He is the Love that revolutionizes Consciousness.

 The Golden Eagle is the Master that bestows the Wisdom of Truth.

 “The Archangel” that guides and shows the Path to Great Consciousness.

 “The Lord of Hosts”, “The Great Warrior” that bestows strength on the Warriors of Light in their battle to return to the Origin.

 “The Christ of the New Times” that holds the energy, he who bestows Wisdom, Strength, Love and Liberty for the realization of all beings.

He is the great container and the contained.

The great integrator and he who is integrated.

The great projector and that which is projected.

The great 'unifier' and he who is united.

The great 'realizer' and the realized, Great Spirit.

He who bestows and is bestowed upon.

He who is both here and there, inside, outside and everywhere.

The force of Love.

The force of the Warrior.

The force of Wisdom.

The illuminating and revolutionary force.

The force that transmits and projects Truth.

The omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient totality.

The ever present one.

The Golden Eagle revolutionizes the consciousness and hearts of those who are willing to listen and become part of the Great Cosmic Movement of Universal Evolution.

The Golden Eagle liberates and teaches beings to fly, in the freedom of their own existence.

It is he who leads to the liberation of souls and the expansion of consciousness in this blessed “Era of Air”, air for healing, air for raising oneself up, air for syntonizing, air for deepening and evolving, air for flying like eagles, flying toward the sun and fusing with It so as to be transformed into living suns, carriers of the truth.